“A very powerful page-turner. Iain McGarvie-Munn writes eloquently and passionately about his life, his loves, and his castle. In I Had a Château in Provence, the author takes his audience on an exquisite and powerful journey – from hardship to nobility, from Central America to the south of France – that readers will not soon forget. This autobiography is a true page-turner; what seems like a fantasy is every bit as real as it gets.”

Gail Eisnitz, author of “Slaughterhouse” and winner of the Albert Schweitzer Medal

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I have posted below photographs of the McGarvie-Munn family including: Iain McGarvie-Munn, Hugh Ian McGarvie-Munn, Carmen Ydigoras and Miguel Ydigoras Fuentes.

Author’s note: To respect their privacy, I have chosen not to include photos of certain members of my family and have changed their names my memoir I Had a Château in Provence.

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